Happy Twins

"I like playing with my friends and making animals with the playdough"  KM

"I like football outside" TW

"I like playing games on that computer over there - the one that makes numbers"

"I Like football and the ladybirds"  GGa

"I like watching the birds and the river and the permanent pens" SZ

"Playing with the doll's house"

"I like you (the ladies)"



" I Like p[laying outside with the cars" JL

"I Like drawing and colouring" LS

" I Like Stories in the quiet room" AH

"I Like snack. We have apple and toast and a drink of milk" AZ

"My love you" RB


Women Holding Hands

" P has really enjoyed his time at pre-school and we can also see how his confidence has developed and how he's started making some friends over the time has has been there"

" Croston pre-school has provided a great foundation for H's transition to school. Thank you for all your care, support and encouragement which has made H's time at Pre-school such a happy one!"

"We are really please with T's progress. Thank you for helping him build his confidence and progress his learning and development.

Your support has been amazing particularly in such challenging circumstances. You have made his pre-school experience wonderful and he has really enjoyed it. You have given him the best start on his learning journey. Thank you"

" J has made so much progress and had a wonderful time learning and making friends at Pre-school. He is now ready for his next challenge. He has a desire to learn and enjoyed all the different topics at Pre-school"